About Us

Welcome to Grokkoli, where we aim to unlock the true potential of each and every learner to excel in math and STEM.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Children can and should learn math at a significantly accelerated pace compared to the public school system, all without burdening parents with exorbitant tuition costs
  • If a learner doesn't understand something despite putting in reasonable effort, that's a failure in the educational program they are following ➔ not the learner
  • Every learner the potential to be good at math, making it especially disheartening when they lose confidence and give up due to a lack of necessary support
young learner using Grokkoli
Our mission is to bring the benefits of 1:1 math coaching & instruction to as many kids as possible, and maximally accelerate STEM-learning for all children.

Our Founding Team

Two Bay Area executives-turned-entrepreneurs who've embarked on a journey to address the urgent challenge of scaling high-quality education:

Eric :)

Eric (CEO)

  • Former global head of product at Data.AI
  • Tutored math both during high-school/university & professionally
  • Has an amateur interest in animal cognition
  • Learned foundational math by playing far too much Lego as a kid
Rob :)

Rob (CTO)

  • Former head of antenna design at Apple
  • PhD in Electrical engineering
  • Gets two preschoolers from bed to school in <45 minutes every weekday

Our Commitment

We've become a Public Benefit Corporation to commit to our principles and dedicate ourselves to raising the standard of quality in math education. By leveraging the power of AI, we aim to prepare the next generation to tackle the world's most pressing challenges.

Explore our blog to gain deeper insights into our approach to scaling high-quality math education. Join us on our journey of making quality education accessible to all, and empower every student to excel in STEM.

Thank you for being part of the Grokkoli community!

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Have a question for us? Want to share ideas about teaching math more effectively? Feel free to reach out.